Khmer New Year Legend

The history of Khmer New Year related to the celestial period as follows: It is said that at the beginning of the Hindu-Buddhist period, There was a rich man he respected Buddhismand he has a son called “Tommabal Komar” . “Tommabal Komar” has excellent knowledge of the animal language and has learned to stop the Trinity at age 9. The father built a chapel for a child’s education to be a meditation , Children’s Instruction “Tommabal Komar” “became a young priest, a bridesmaid, a preacher of all kinds of people in Buddhism, At that time the sowing of Buddhism for the administration of children was well-known to Brahma,”Divinity 4″, is a happy wedding to all people in religious rituals.Then Brahma looked at and wondered, Why the Vishnu god were born into the “Tommabal Komar” , And go back to BuddhismBrahma just want to win the Vishnu of a child’s education . Brahma also became a Brahmin to come down to the “3” Parables for “Tommabal Komar” . Promising that if I got acquainted, I would have sucked up and bowed my head to the “Tommabal Komar” But if the cure for the child is not successful, then the cat and the head of the “Tommabal Komar”.Children ask for a delay of seven days to parse a parable. After six days, I still do not realize that this morning will be the death of a real criminal, so I should go to hide and hide. The Child’s Exploitation has been rested on a cotton silk tree, a hive of twin eagles. The eagle is the body of the King of Garuda, the vehicle of the Vishnu that is waiting to help him,because Vishnu is born into avatar human .

  • The eagles were talking to one another :
  • The female eagle asked, “What am we eating this morning?
  • The male eagle answers, “We will eat the “Tommabal Komar” for Kelp altars because they can not be cleared.
  • The female eagle asked how the parable? – The male eagle answer: Where is the morning of Glory? “The first parable must be answered in front of it,” so all people will have to wash their face in the morning.
  • The male eagle Continues Where is the Noon of Glory? “The second parable has to answer in the chest,” so it’s hot in the middle of the day, so people have to wash their chest to daytime.
  • The male eagle continues: Where is the sunset at night sleep? “The third parable has to say that at the feet, people wash their feet and go to bed at night dream.

The children’s teachings have been heard so much, and they are back to the spiritual realm to date on the seventh day, the last Sunday. Subsequently, the children’s “Tommabal Komar” answered the parable of the Brahmin, and Brahmin was also willing to lose and beheaded for sacrifice. The Brahmin, before and beheaded, transform back to the Brahma, and called his seven angel daughters, saying that now his father had to cut the incense bowl for the pedagogical child’s parable. But if his head on the earth will be a fire of the earth, and if it falls to the air and there is no rain, dumped in the ocean and dried up, then let the seven daughters take the head of the father’s When the word was over, Brahma also cut off his head and handed her to “Tungsak Tevi” the eldest daughter the angel of Sunday . (Tungsak Tevi) took the head of the father and flew over 60 minutes of the Royal Periodic Monument, taking the headquarters of the Father in a cemetery in the cemetery of Kant Mealy of Pagoda, and worshiping other gods. Later, the seven angel goddesses adopted the Child Discourse, which came to be known as the called (God Pishnuka) mean “Divinity of the Son”, and gave the seven gems of magnetism called the “Pheak kak votey soaphea ” mean to the beautiful mindset.

  • Red Gems (carved god of glass Light)
  • Blue Gems (the name of the Mora), which finally belongs to the Mekhala, the angel represents the thunder.
  • Purple Gems
  • Yellow Gems
  • Green Gems (carved Emerald Buddha 46 BC)
  • White Jade (born white monkey call Hanuman
  • Black Gems (born black monkey call Nilpheak). And other gems did not know because many documents destroyed in the Khmer Rouge period. Finally, at the end of a year, the seven angels returned to invoke the head of Brahma Father and daughter , to return to heaven every year.

History Of Khmer New Year

All nation in the world celebrate new year every year with different date and preparation according to their traditional Cultures. Cambodia People also celebrate new year every year since ancient’s among biggest and colorful celebrations of the of the year.Khmer new year in Khmer “Chol Chhnam Thmey” entering new year. During Angkor era,Khmer celebrated new year based on the lunar moon solar calendar.According to Chinesediplomat, Zhou Daguan he arrived at Angkor in August 1296 and he stay at Khmer empire 2 years in 13th century recorded that Khmer celebrated new year in the the Khmer calendar is Mikaser (មិគសិរ) which fell on January of Chinese calendar. After Angkor period, the new year celebration date has been changed, because Cambodian use both lunar moon solar and sun solar calendar.The current new year celebration date was determined based on solar calendar, which typically falls on April 13th or 14th of the Gregorian calendar.And this date is set as official new year day for Cambodians today. Cambodian practice the tradition and reinforce their beliefs about heaven, earth,and hell,good and bad,in which the result people got is from their deeds in their life.And so this life of living they shall do many good deeds for the next better life.There is a legend related to Khmer new year,that people believe that every new year there is one new angel come to take care the earth and people.



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